Do you remember your childhood days filled with fun memories of Mario, Tank 1990, Contra, Bomberman? And now, you have the chance to relive those nostalgic moments and even earn real money from your passion with RetroCraft.
RetroCraft is a unique game combining classic nostalgia with modern blockchain technology build on Minecraft server. The project is developed by a team of veteran indie gamers, with experiences working for major game studios. This team has recreated many pioneering retro titles and brought them on blockchain.
In RetroCraft, players can participate in iconic classic minigames like Super Mario, Tank 1990 Bomberman, Pacman... recreated in detail down to every pixel. Not only that, the game also has survival mode, crafting system, cute voxel graphics and many other exciting activities.
Race-Track on Racing game
The game's highlight is the unique Play to Earn mechanism. Players can earn real tokens ($Retro) simply by playing games and completing quests. Additionally, there is a vibrant NFT marketplace where players trade rare items for profits.
With retro passion, coupled with real earning opportunities, RetroCraft will surely be the most anticipated game of the year for all gamers.